Source code for imhr.Webgazer

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
| `@purpose`: Module designed for working with the Webgazer exploratory study.  
| `@date`: Created on Sat May 1 15:12:38 2019  
| `@author`: Semeon Risom  
| `@email`:  
| `@url`:
# allowed imports
__all__ = ['Classify','Metadata','model','nslr_hmm','plot','Processing','raw','redcap','settings']

# core
from pdb import set_trace as breakpoint
import os
import sys

# relative paths

# imports
# classes
from .classify import Classify
from .metadata import Metadata
from .processing import Processing
from .raw import raw
from .redcap import redcap
from . import settings
## functions
from . import model
from . import nslr_hmm
from . import plot

# classes
[docs]class Classify(Classify): """Classification of eyetracking data for imhr.r33.procesing.""" __doc__ = Classify.__init__.__doc__ def __init__(self, isLibrary=False): super().__init__(isLibrary=False)
[docs]class Metadata(Metadata): """Process participants metadata for analysis and export.""" __doc__ = Metadata.__init__.__doc__ def __init__(self, isLibrary=False): super().__init__(isLibrary=False)