Source code for imhr.eyetracking

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
| `@purpose`: Module designed for working with eyetracking data.  
| `@date`: Created on Sat May 1 15:12:38 2019  
| `@author`: Semeon Risom  
| `@email`:  
| `@url`:
# allowed imports
__all__ = ['Calibration','Eyelink','ROI','pylink']

# core
from pdb import set_trace as breakpoint
import os
import sys

# relative paths

# imports
from ._roi import ROI
from ._eyelink import Eyelink

# classes	
if __name__ == "__main__":
	from . import pylink
	from ._calibration import Calibration
	class Calibration(Calibration):
		"""Allow imhr.eyetracking.Eyelink to initiate calibration/validation/drift correction."""
		__doc__ = Calibration.__init__.__doc__
		def __init__(self, w, h, tracker, window):
			super().__init__(w, h, tracker, window)

[docs]class ROI(ROI): """Generate regions of interest that can be used for data processing and analysis.""" __doc__ = ROI.__init__.__doc__ def __init__(self, image_path=None, output_path=None, metadata_path=None, shape='box', **kwargs): super().__init__(image_path=image_path, output_path=output_path, metadata_path=metadata_path, shape=shape, **kwargs)