Table 1. Task Variables and Definitions.
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variable group type example definition
init_gaze_bias bias float64 -0.0858586 NaN
final_gaze_bias bias float64 -0.0151515 Index giving the final direction of gaze as the dot probe is presented.
gaze_bias bias float64 0.137121 Trial level gaze bias score, using the weighted method. from the itrak package.
n_gaze_valid bias int64 198 NaN
dp_bias bias float64 -0.0164632 NaN
var_dp_bias bias float64 0.181472 NaN
n_dp_valid bias int64 175 NaN
race demographic object Asian NaN
is_normalvision demographic bool True NaN
is_student demographic int64 1 NaN
m_rt behavioral float64 863 NaN
accuracy behavioral int64 196 NaN
m_diff_stim behavioral float64 38.5 NaN
m_diff_dotloc behavioral float64 79 NaN
trialType_ behavioral object iaps NaN
cesd_score clinical int64 23 NaN
cesd_group clinical object High NaN
rrs_brooding clinical int64 13 NaN
os device object macos Operating system used. Data parsed from os_version.
os_version device object 10.12.6 The operating system and version used. Uses User-Agent request header.
gpu device object Intel HD Graphics 6000 Returns the GPU onboard the computer. Uses WebGL API.
gpu_type device object integrated Category identifying the GPU as either separate from the CPU or intergrated. Uses WebGL API. Data parsed from
browser device object Chrome Browser used. Data parsed from browser_version.
browser_version device object Chrome 60 The browser and version. Derived from User-Agent request header.
devicePixelRatio device float64 1 The ratio between physical pixels and device independent pixels in the current display. Uses Window.devicePixelRatio from Web API.
monitorSize device object 1440x900 Returns the width and height of the screen. Uses Window.screen.height [and width] from Web API.
windowSize device object 1440x900 Returns the width and height of the browser window. Uses Window.innerHeight [and innerHeight] from Web API.
heap.used device object 109MB The total bytes used by JavaScript on the task. Uses window.performance.memory from Google.
heap.limit device object 2190MB Maximum size a JavaScript heap accessable by the task. Uses window.performance.memory from Google.
WebcamMessage device object Success String indicating the success or failure of accessing the webcam and the reason for it (i.e. getUserMediaFailed).
webcamSize device object 1280x720 Returns the width and height of the webcam. Uses the HTMLVideoElement API.
webcam_brand device object FaceTime Returns the brand of webcam being used. Uses the MediaStream API.
luminance device float64 0.486275 The perceived brightness distribution or "luminosity" within an image, normalized from 0 (black) to 1 (white).
isPageVisible device bool True Returns whether or not the task has been minimized or a new tab has been open and is visible. Uses the Page Visibility API.
is_calibrated device bool True Whether or not the task was calibrated.
is_eyetracking device bool True Whether or not the webcam was initiated.
isFullscreen device bool True Uses the following calculation to determine if fullscreen (window.innerHeight < (.85*window.screen.height)) && (window.innerWidth < (.85*window.screen.width)).
nested other object subject How the data should be collapsed for analysis. Either 'subject' or 'trialType' level.