Created on Sat May 1 15:12:38 2019
@author: Semeon Risom
@purpose: Hub for running processing and analysis.


[ ]:
from imhr import plot, processing, raw, redcap
import imhr.model as model
import imhr.settings as settings

# check if required libraries are available
is_library = False
if is_library:

# core
from pdb import set_trace as breakpoint
import pandas as pd
import gc, glob, string, pytz
from datetime import datetime

# config
config = settings.config
filters = settings.config['filters']
#set parameters
config['task'] = 'gRT'
config['type'] = 'eyetracking'
config['single_subject'] = False
config['single_trial'] = False

# set current date
date_start = []; date_end = []
date_now  ='%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')


[ ]:
print(console['red'] + 'Step: preprocessing data' + console['ENDC'])
path = config['output'] + "/raw/"
subject = 31
trial = 35
#----if single subject, single trial
if (config['single_subject']) and (config['single_trial']):
    print('processing: single subject, single trial'), task_type=config['type'], single_subject=True, single_trial=True, subject=subject, trial=trial)
#----else if single subject, all trials
elif (config['single_subject']) and (not config['single_trial']):
    print('processing: single subject, all trials'), task_type=config['type'], single_subject=True, single_trial=False, subject=subject)
#----if all subjects, all trials
elif (not config['single_subject']) and (not config['single_trial']):
    print('processing: all subjects, all trials'), task_type=config['type'], single_subject=False, single_trial=False, isMultiprocessing=True, cores=7)