This package requires the following dependencies:

  • yarg>=0.1.9
  • opencv_python>=
  • bokeh>=1.2.0
  • paramiko>=2.4.2
  • openpyxl>=2.6.2
  • requests>=2.21.0
  • setuptools>=41.0.1
  • scipy>=1.3.0
  • pandas>=0.24.2
  • psd_tools>=1.8.16
  • docopt>=0.6.2
  • numpy>=1.16.4
  • seaborn>=0.9.0
  • matplotlib>=3.1.0
  • Pillow>=6.0.0
  • nslr>=0.0.5
  • pytest>=4.5.0
  • scikit_learn>=0.21.2
  • pytest>=4.5.0


This package and its dependencies are available as wheel packages for macOS and Windows distributions from PyPI:

$ pip install imhr

or the anaconda package cloud repo:

$ conda install -c risoms imhr

You can also install the development version directly from github:

$ pip install git+


After installation, you can launch the test suite after downloading from github:

$ pytest --pyargs imhr.tests --html=report.html --self-contained-html

or from the Python interpreter:

import imhr

Note that the test suite requires pytest. Please install with pip or your package manager of choice.